Sunday, February 10, 2008

New weblog... and a change of direction...

Well, you must be wondering what on earth is going on over here? With the completion of my Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching training, I will now be changing the push of this blog to focus on my coaching business. I'll be working on a new look for the blog, as well as a website redesign for, which currently houses all of my art dabbling, from crafty to fine.

My artsy-craftsy blog has found a new home: with a website will follow, and the gallery items from my website will also be finding a new home at yet another website I plan to develop which will be devoted solely to my fine art activities.


T2 said...

The wordpress blog looks good...very clean and fresh.

The logo is looking good, too. I may be trying to see too much, but I imagined it as scrollwork along the top of a fancy iron fence or part of a larger art nouveau design. I see an upside down heart design and the feeling is feminine, overall.

I think its cool. Good luck with the blog and the classes.

ReachDabbleShine said...

LOVE the logo :-) Congrats on completing the training!! I for one think that way of looking at the world is priceless. Looking forward to hearing more about your own babysteps!